Choreo Chronicle 2012-2015 Plus
AVBD-16590 (DVD)
AVXD-16591 (Blu-ray)
2015.12.16 Release

01.Two Hearts -Music Video-
02.Right Now -Music Video-
03.GO FOR IT -Music Video-
04.I’m On Fire -Music Video-
05.Anchor -Music Video-
06.ふれあうだけで ~Always with you~ -Music Video-
07.IT’S THE RIGHT TIME -Choreo Video-
08.Unlock -Music Video-
09.music -Music Video-
10.SING OUT LOUD -Music Video-
11.GO FOR IT -Choreo Video-
12.Twinkle Shiny Star -Choreo Video-
13.Listen To My Heartbeat -Music Video-
14.Can You See Our Flag Wavin’ In The Sky? -Music Video-
15.Good Sign -Choreo Video-
16.Unlock -Choreo Video-
17.Unlock -Choreo Video with Koharu Sugawara-
18.music -Bird’s Eye View Ver.-
19.I Remember -Choreo Video-

20.FEVER -Choreo Video-
21.MAKE US DO -Choreo Video-


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